ROF Gurgaon is a group of companies working for decades in various fields such as the agro sector, financial sector, education sector with a Pan India presence. One of our main objectives is the commitment to work on projects that contribute to the conservation of the environment, betting firmly on the so-called eco-efficient housing, a pioneering initiative in the sector.


As it says our slogan “Our Commitment is your home” and to achieve this ROF Gurgaon use appropriate processes, technology, equipment, and materials, working with qualified professionals to guarantee the warmth, solidity, and value of your investment.


To be a competitive Real Estate Business Group committed to building homes for our clients in Gurgaon.

Our values

  • We are committed to the quality of housing
  • We act with honesty and ethics.
  • We believe in fair and transparent negotiation.
  • We work as a team and with a service attitude.
  • We respect our qualified staff and competence.
  • We comply with the regulations in force.
  • We communicate clearly and timely.
  • We are efficient with processes and technology
  • We believe and support the progress of the Gurgaon where we have a presence